Course Summary

How To Market Your Story To Attract Aligned Clients

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Module 1: Start With Your Why

In module 1, we’ll cover:

  • The importance of story–especially your own!
  • How to discover your true Why—and why it’s fundamental to figuring out your client’s journey and what their next steps ought to be.
  • Why your stories need to be relatable—and how to dig right into your client’s pain points and emotional needs.
  • 21 questions to help you dig deep—and identify key moments in your life with absolute honesty
  • Why meaningful research can help you define your own “why” moments and values—and create an instant bond with your ideal clients


Learning Objective: Understand the importance of story—particularly your own

Introduction + Workbook
But My Story Is Boring ...
Your Big Why
How Will You Tell It?

Module 2: Uncover the Real Story

In module 2, we’ll cover:

  • A proven structure and framework to help you craft effective stories—and catch your ideal client’s attention
  • Why you need to find the conflict for your story’s hero to fight against—and the real problem and emotional need that’s central to the story
  • How releasing your old stories instils trust—and gives you the confidence to help others release theirs
  • Where to start your story—and how it impacts curiosity in the reader
  • How to fully engage your audience’s senses—and pick the just-perfect level of detail for your stories
  • 5 ways you can capture your authenticity in your story—in a way that feels most natural to you
Introduction + Workbook
How Has Your Story Changed?
Find The Conflict
Understanding Your Client's Story
Your Story Framework

Module 3: Using Story In Your Marketing Efforts

In module 3, you’ll learn…

  • How to use your story in email marketing—and create an extremely powerful 5-step email funnel that taps into your ideal client’s emotions
  • 3 tools to help you create killer subject lines that crank up curiosity and increase your email open rates like crazy
  • Which types of stories to tell on which social media platform—and the delicate dynamic between selling vs. connection
  • 3 ways you can improve your storytelling for “in person” events or video—and how to use feedback to improve them
  • How to sprinkle stories throughout your website—that extend way beyond your About Me page!
Introduction + Workbook
Using Your Story in Email Marketing
Using Your Story in Social Media
Telling Your Story in Person
Storytelling on Your Website

Module 4: Tell Your Ideal Client's Story, Too

In module 4, we’ll cover…

  • Why you should know your ideal client so well she feels like you’re reading her mind— and anticipating her needs, even before she even knows she has them! (Yep, this is possible!)
  • How research can help you speak your ideal client’s language—and create a stronger connection
  • How to tell stories that give your ideal clients the starring role in “your” stories–much to their surprise (and delight!)
  • One critical thing you need to pluck out of your stories–and the surprising thing you should replace it with.
  • Craft your 5-point marketing plan, so you don’t have to break off and worry about ‘craft’ or ‘sales strategy’ while you are engaging with your ideal clients
  • Why you need to live and breathe your mission and USP (Unique Selling Proposition) every day if you want to tell quality stories over the long haul
Introduction + Workbook
Making the Right Connection With the Right Audience
Your Marketing Plan